1 day to go before boston show

I’m in Boston!!!! Got 1 day to go before my first show on the east coast of USA! Beyond excited! Artworks shown in pic below “WetPaint – Purple Raint” & “WetPaint – Snowdrop”This series is a visual meditation on nature as it is represented in fine art. Still life floral arrangements have been explored as subject matter throughout fine art history — the subjects and symbolism of bouquet paintings were traditionally executed with highly refined techniques to appeal to a cultivated audience, this series features flowers in their natural form submerged in water (as opposed to sitting in a vase). The series subvert the traditional notions of the bouquet in form, perspective and context. In my art I use common, literal objects such as flowers to build my installation. In assembling the installation I consider each flower to be a representation of a brushstrokes in a painting, in the abstract way nature presents them. The water enhances the natural colour, while the bubbles and waves that are created by the fluid movement signify the process of painting; the shifts and turns of a brushstroke. Examples:










beauty-buy-eat-close-up beauty-buy-eat-close-up-3 beauty-buy-eat-close-up-2 beauty-eat-buy-close-up3 beauty-eat-buy-close-up2 beauty-eat-buy-close-up

Global roots

A surreal arrangement consisting of a variety of flowers all originating from the same root system. The floral installation represents our global human population — the human species originated from one root race, and evolved into multiple races with diverse characteristics and appearances. The root ‘vase’ is symbolic of a sense of belonging, origins, and our ever-evolving relationship with each other. On a semiotic level, roots symbolize strength, vitality, and beginnings; roots are the organs of plants that typically lie beneath the surface and act as a vital source of nutrition and nourishment. Not usually depicted in art, root systems are commonly overshadowed by the beauty and allure of flowers. This image showcases the root as a subject of great beauty and importance, subverting the familiar bouquet model with a twist.




Organic flesh….


flesh-close-up flesh-close-up2

Planet Plant – A Plan B 2

This series is a candid study of the issue of climate change and it’s effects on the wellbeing of our environment and society. Featuring a plant sphere, this piece is representative of our scientific search for alternative habitable planets, found or engineered. The image also contradicts our current urbanized globe. The plant sphere can also be considered an urban garden, representative of a future in which this mini botanical planet takes a place in our homes as a cleaning system to manage household carbon dioxide. In this whimsy approach my aim is to shred light on an extremely important issue. Ultimately, my hope is that it can be a channel for reflection that sparks the imagination and encourages viewers to take own action.

img_9630 img_9613 img_9627

Swimming Pool

From now on my delightful atelier officially has a swimming pool…working on a new project!

IMG_8137IMG_8134  IMG_8141 IMG_8161b wetpaint2824 wetpaint2824b wetpaint2824c wetpaint2824d wetpaint2824e wetpaint2824f wetpaint2824g

bath time!!



wetpaint2 close up wetpaint2 close up2 wetpaint2 close up3

Todays palette of flowers

Todays palette of flowers for new art project…flowers are natures own brushstrokes!

I’m in LA – Mouche Gallery

I’m in LA at my gallery Mouche Gallery Beverly Hills for some quality catch up with the one and only Keiko Noah..making some exciting plans for the future together…
IMG_8966 1

“portrait of Marilyn”

Packaging “Portrait of Marilyn” before sending it off to client in Boston…