“The Mask Of Audrey & Marilyn”

New artworks: “The Mask Of Audrey & Marilyn” This Warholesque series re-imagines old Hollywood pop icons Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, and explores my fascination with a society in which personas could be manufactured, commodified, and consumed like products. With reference to the make-up ‘masks’ of these pop symbols, the portraits are rendered using mixed loose powder with bright colours, meticulously and precisely designed to create a highly graphic visual statement. From a distance the visages appear to be perfectly formed. On closer inspection, cracks, and wonderful imperfections are revealed — ackknowledging their public personas as carefully constructed illusions.


Monday feeling

back to work!


Monochrome flowers

Work in progress: monochrome flowers (no artificial colours series)



cocktail hour

13.45 Wednesday = cocktail hour “Smell Deluxe White” sold out (except the AP)

IMG_3205 1

Painting with hair

Today’s paint buckets : coloured hair!!!


Certificate of Authenticity

Signing and numbering the Certificate of Athenticity for 9 new artworks being shipped off to Gallery DTR Modern in Boston, Palm Beach & Washington

detail check

Taking last detail check notes for saturation, contrast, hue etc. before final print and mounting.. “Mask Of Icons (Marilyn and Audrey)” made with coloured loose Power…


Monday at today’s office..work in progress: new artproject..”painting” with embroidery at black watercolour paper a pixelated artwork.. “pixel-stitching”!


happy new year

Just a few hours left..beyond thrilled for 2016, got some exciting projects coming up and grand plans…. Also got 58 New Years resolution that I will probably %*•*<]” up within a few weeks…but never the less so ready for the new year! Hope you will have an amazing last day of 2015 and thanks every single one of you for all your amazing support for this year!


Lunch break with Ronald

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No artificial Fast Food (colour): http://clarahallencreutz.com/portfolio/3498/

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