Global Roots

Artist Statement: “This series is a celebration of diversity. The image is a surreal arrangement consisting of a variety of flowers all deriving from the same root system. Playing with the semantics of the term roots, the image aims to illustrate how diversity can stem from common foundations. As a representation of the human population, the installation demonstrates how all humans regardless of background, gender, sexual orientation or race originate from the same core.

As the various floral species in the image show, the common roots allow for a wonderful diversity that enriches the harmony of the total installation, and with a multitude of crisscrossing connections that make the unity stronger. The roots thus symbolise our origins, our ever-evolving relationship with each other and a sense of belonging and trust.

The Global Roots series borrows its use of symbolism as well as its aesthetics from still life paintings of 16th & 17th century Netherlands. The use of commonplace objects in the Dutch oils allowed for a demonstration of detailed textures, and also served as a channel to convey underlying messages (often with a moral undertone). In this modern photographic play on the classic oil paintings, the familiar bouquet is presented with a twist as the vase – not the flowers – stand in focus as the carrier of the message. The viewer’s gaze is naturally drawn to the intertwining shapes that seem to have levitated from the underground to form a strange yet familiar outline. Although the roots remain in a supporting role they are depicted as an object of importance and true beauty, let to highlight a reoccurring and crucial topic.”

Sizes: 69×50 cm, 96x70cm, and 147x100cm.

Limited edition of 4.

Signed by the artist and accompanied with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Price upon request. For more information see contact.


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