Watercolour Paint

Artist Statement: “This series is a visual meditation on nature as it is represented in fine art. Still life floral arrangements have been explored as subject matter throughout fine art history — the subjects and symbolism of bouquet paintings were traditionally executed with highly refined techniques to appeal to a cultivated audience, this series features flowers in their natural form submerged in water (as opposed to sitting in a vase). The series subvert the traditional notions of the bouquet in form, perspective and context. In my art I use common, literal objects such as flowers to build my installation. In assembling the installation I consider each flower to be a representation of a brushstrokes in a painting, in the abstract way nature presents them. The water enhances the natural colour, while the bubbles and waves that are created by the fluid movement signify the process of painting; the shifts and turns of a brushstroke.”

Close up:watercolour painting close up 6 watercolour painting close up 5 watercolour painting close up 4 watercolour painting close up 3 watercolour painting close up 2 watercolour painting close up