Signalling Nature – forest

Artist Statement; “The series is imaginative installation where the landscape in its natural form is interrupted by smoke signals. The loud colours are an intrusion to nature’s harmony. Cheerful and bright yet clearly artificial (unnatural in the true meaning of the word) and therefore with a somewhat disturbing sensation that calls for our attention. It is as if nature itself has come to the recognition that its mere beauty and presence is not enough to astound us but that there is a need for a more explicit language. Weather the signals are a cry for help stirred by environmental threats, an otherworldly presence calling for our attention or merely an attempt to get the viewer to stop and notice the surroundings is up to the individual.

In the fantasy and adventure genres, smoke usually comes with a premonition of a strange or dark arrival. In history, smoke signals are one of the oldest forms of communication often used to gather people together or signal a danger. The same urgency can be perceived in the installation, conveyed by its abnormality and disharmony. The series comes with a personal invitation to each viewer to stay open to natures attempts to reach us and make us part of its universe.”

Close up:Signalling Nature - forest view close up3 Signalling Nature - forest view close up2 Signalling Nature - forest view close up