Planet Plant – a plan b (white)

Artist Statement: “This work is a playful study of the issue of climate change and it’s effects on the wellbeing of our environment and society. Featuring a plant sphere, this piece is representative of our scientific search for alternative habitable planets, found or engineered. The image also contradicts our current urbanized globe. The plant sphere can also be considered an urban garden, representative of a future in which this mini botanical planet takes a place in our homes as a cleaning system to manage household carbon dioxide. In this whimsy approach my aim is to shred light on an extremely important issue. Ultimately, my hope is that it can be a channel for reflection that sparks the imagination and encourages viewers to take own action.”

Crystal Archive paper face mounted with silicon based liquid onto 10mm thick glass and a brushed aluminium backing; along with aluminium frame list for hanging.

Sizes: 70x50cm, 100x70cm, and 142x100cm.

Limited edition of 3.

Signed by the artist and accompanied with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Price upon request. For more information see contact.


planet plant white close up3planet plant white close up  planet plant white close up2

planet plant white close up4