it’s complicated

Artist Statement: “I like the idea of art presenting dynamic meanings, as well as multiple ways of looking at a single image. I am also fascinated by the reassuring appeal of simplicity and the familiar. There can be something very comforting about well known, highly recognizable objects and primitive signs. ┬áBringing some simple witto heavy subjects, this series playfully refers to popular expressions, and both figuratively and literally illustrates them. The viewer can choose to either see the form as subject, represented by the individual elements from which it is constructed, or explore subjective meanings.”

Crystal Archive paper face mounted with silicon based liquid onto 10mm thick glass and a brushed aluminium backing; along with aluminium frame list for hanging.

Sizes: 70x86cm, and 100x122cm.

Limited edition of 4.

Signed by the artist and accompanied with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Price upon request. For more information see contact.