Mother of Pearls in the C’s

Artist Statement: “I’ve created a collection of small-scale installations exploring the consumer relationship to luxury brands (in which the Chanel logo is featured as a symbol for branding and deluxe). In the world of extravagant products, experience and perception of the brand is far more important than the utility of the product. The consumers attribute a value based on personal familiarity and association, which tends to generate an intimate and loyal relationship. Chanel, the brand and the founder is nutritious for their use of pearls. Inthe work “Mother of Pearls of the C’s” the subject refers to nacre also known as mother of pearls. The composition consists of 9 different kinds of shells from oysters and other mollusks, where the pearl is born over time. The title is also a word play on the sea and the letters in the logo.”

Crystal Archive paper face mounted with silicon based liquid onto 10mm thick glass and a brushed aluminium backing; along with aluminium frame list for hanging.

Sizes: 70x50cm, 100x70cm, and 142x100cm.

Limited edition of 4.

Signed by the artist and accompanied with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Price upon request. For more information see contact.