Smell Delux (white)

“Smell Delux (white)” 142×100 cm (and me blockning it a bit)
Link to “Smell Delux (white)”:

pixel art

Work in progress: “pixel art” using coloured toasts!!! Now I got my atelier full of 526 painted slices of bred!


lets get spraying11326295_397783727080929_25849773_n

Lets do thizzzz

Lets do thizzzz

Clara Hallencreutz Art 72


Back To Work
Clara Hallencreutz Art 15


Just wanted to say THANK YOU to all the wonderful Glossybox subscribers for your sweet support! I feel overwhelmed and honour! I think all the Mars box has been delivered now. I’m so glad you enjoyed the design and I defiantly loved making it!!!

dinner party with Glossybox

The box launch dinner party in my atelier.. Seafood, cheers, mini cakes and fourteen amazing girls around the huge table-adaptation of my Glossybox!!!11055997_382071761972043_365201080_n

this months Glossybox Sweden!

I have had the honor of designing this months Glossybox Sweden! From tomorrow and until Sunday I’m taking over their Instagram account…. Can’t wait for the box launch dinner party tomorrow!
Clara Hallencreutz Art 30

touch of spring

Bringing a touch of spring into the office!
links to the artwork:
Colour pixel:
White pixel:
Clara Hallencreutz Art 75

Interview with Nöjesguiden

Interview with Kristin Zetterlund at Nöjesguiden:

Clara Hallencreutz 137